Island- Inspired Jewelry Store from Barbados

For the woman who appreciates the art of handcrafted jewelry with a Barbados style - Escape to that day on your vacation when skies were crystal blue and clouds lazily drifted across the horizon. You wish you could stay there forever- now, thanks to these pieces designed by Summer Gems for everyday women like us 
you can!

  • Ramona

    I had an idea in my head for a pair of earrings. I shared it with Summer Gems and in a matter of a few days my idea was in my hand and I love them.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Lele

    Really enjoyed the look of these earrings from the start. Beautiful and classy. I will certainly be a return customer. Thank you so much.

  • Dawn

    I chose these gorgeous chocolate pearl studs set in rose gold wire because they just jumped out at me when I was browsing the Summer Gems IG page. They were different from other earrings I've worn/seen before; the chocolate brown colour, the rose gold, and the way the rose gold hugged the pearl. Kimberley made everything so easy for me to be united with my jewelry, from responding quickly and facilitating online payments to the location for collection. To top it off she is so very personable, she even gave me another option after I realised the pearl was a bit larger than I had exepected. I appreciate good customer service and Kimberley embodies this to a "T". I'm already eyeing a few more pieces to add to my collection!

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Natural gemstone stud earrings

Building memories one jewelry piece at a time

When the right piece of jewelry comes along, it can be a game-changer. It may signify your first big promotion at work or how you finally found someone to spend Valentine's Day with after years alone. Our goal is for each item we make to represent an important memory in one way or another and share that story with others who love our pieces as well!

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