Summer Gems

Hey ladies, it's that time of year again! August is the month when we celebrate your birthstone, and you're in luck because this month we are highlighting these beautiful peridot stud earrings.

If you're looking for a gift to give your sister, daughter or best friend this birthday season, we have a suggestion - Peridot Stud earrings  These earrings are feminine and made from the sun gemstone that represent love, joy and happiness. What could be better than giving someone a piece of jewelry with these three qualities? The perfect gift for an August birthday.

peridot stud earrings


Ever found yourself drawn to a color and it wasn't your birthstone? A rich green is always going to catch the eye, so if you are looking for that perfect earring then we have just what you need. The petal hoop collection features these beautiful Green Crystal Hoops with a faceted green crystal set in each one - they're gorgeous! 

green crystal earrings

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