How to layer necklaces without tangling. Prevent tangles by layering different lengths.

How to keep layered necklaces from tangling and damaging

No one likes a tangled mess ... learn how to layer your necklaces!

Let's be honest we love being on-trend and experimenting with the latest style but sometimes it can go oh so wrong. Everyone is wearing multiple necklaces so we resort to the jewelry box, grab a few, and pile them on. With a quick mirror check, we are happy with our decision only to realize midday that all of them have intertwined and tangled embarrassing !! Tangling can result in damaging your prized possession in addition to breaking some fashion laws. Lucky for you we have been layering necklaces since 2015 so take a seat and note these two tips to avoid tangles in the future. If you want to know hoe to keep layered necklaces from tangling read on...


Keep it simple with necklaces of different lengths 

It's a no-brainer, if you have a necklace that reaches your bust and you pair it with a choker they can't interact.


how to are necklaces without tangling and damaging them



Vary the weights 

Okay so maybe you don't have a ridiculously long necklace but you have a chunky plain gold or silver choker. Reach for that to start your necklace base. Pair with a dainty chain that can fall above or below the base. Either way, it will be difficult for them to tangle. A dainty necklace with a heavy pendant will also achieve the same effect.

layering necklace 101

Super simple right ...... :)


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