Summer Gems

3 wishes necklace next to a candle

 We are firm believers of wearing jewellery everyday. I never feel dressed unless I'm wearing my favourite pair of earrings. However, the key for longevity lies deep within basic jewellery care. And, based on your livelihood 1 or a few of these 8 tips to care for your jewellery may apply to you.

Avoid displaying jewelry in direct sunlight 

We know you love seeing your pieces on display but the sun can be a mortal enemy to gemstones especially those that are color-treated.

Ziploc baggies are your friend

These serve as a means of  protecting  your silver pieces from tarnish by keeping your jewelry away from sulphurous compounds and humidity. Once tarnished your once bright metal will darken. Luckily this process is reversible.


Give your pieces a break

It is true, the gold-filled and sterling silver pieces from Summer Gems are meant for daily wear but let's not try to  do everything in your jewelry. 

Regularly clean with mild soap 

On those days that you are giving your delicates  a break take the time to swish them around a solution of mild soap.


Buy an anti-tarnish cloth 

These nifty chemical-treated cloths are convenient to give metal pieces like hoops and bangles a quick shine and remove light tarnish. 

Step away from the toothpaste

Or use if you don't mind scratches on your pieces which is never a good look.

Add silica packs to your storage box

These can be purchased but check your shoeboxes first for those little white packets they warn you not to eat. Those little beaded packs are  great for keeping moisture away from your jewelry which can accelerate tarnishing.

 Keep away from treated wood 

It's easy to rest your pieces on counters but you need to be aware that chemicals in treated wood can also accelerate the tarnishing.



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