Collection: Coco Elegance | Freshwater Pearl Collection

If you are dreaming of rich coconut milk on a scorching summer day you will love the pieces from the coco elegance collection . Lustrous freshwater pears set in stunning precious metals . The Summer Gems Coco Elegance collection adds a futuristic approach to the timeless pearl. Immersing the woman in sensuality and class, this collection adds that certain touch of luxury to wherever destination she may wander.
  • Barbados, my home and inspiration

    Inspired by the natural beauty of Barbados, Summer Gems' jewelry incorporates subtle shimmer and colorful gemstones in a gold or silver finish.
    The rich textures found on this island inspired us to create unforgettable collections for women who want their outfits completed with some extra flair!

  • Dainty jewelry for everyday wear

    Dainty jewelry for everyday wear is staple in any modern woman’s wardrobe. Pieces that will transform seamlessly from island to city, and can be paired with anything you're wearing at the moment or added as an accent when it's time to spice up your look!

  • Hypoallergenic Jewelry

    No one wants to wear green jewelry, and that's why we are proud of our hypoallergenic pieces.