Mint Chalcedony charm bracelet
Angel wing charm bracelet | | Stackables
Angel wing charm bracelet | | Stackables
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Angel wing charm bracelet | | Stackables

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Made with love for my mum on Mother's day. I love the fact that this design can be easily personalized and here's the rationale for my charm selection.
The heart is a given as my love for her is endless. The semi-precious gem is the closest I had on hand for her birthstone, sapphire. I chose the pearl because if you know my mum you would agree that her heart is pure and she is always on the giving end. 
The angel wing is in memory of my late grandmother as she continues to guard us from above.

If you prefer to customize the charms of this bracelet feel free to contact our design team at

  • 14kt goldfilled 
  • pink chalcedony gemstone 
  • freshwater pearl
  • vermeil angel wing charm 
  • vermeil heart charm 

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In the effort to maintain the quality and longevity of our pieces they are designed in sterling silver or 14kt goldfilled. When other metals are used it will be specified in the description. 

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